Michael Hawkins
Software Engineer

You can call me Badger

> I started programming on hobby projects in 2008
> Now I'm working professionally in the UK

Development Experience

Version Control
Test-Driven Development
Programming Patterns

Key Technology Experience


Experience Timeline

Industry Experience

  • Version control with workflows like feature-branching
  • Programming patterns to create consistent code
  • Agile practices such as scrum, kanban and test-driven development
  • An appreciation of the importance of good quality, clean code
  • Front end frameworks and technologies such as Angular, SASS & Typescript
  • Using and building micro-service systems, connected via queues and HTTP


Languages experienced: Assembly, Bash, C, C++, C#, CSS, Haskell, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lua, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PHP, Python.

Some of my projects:

  • A RESTful API for managing family trees with the aim to perform genetic disease risk analysis
  • A C-code formatter written in C
  • A pair-programmed project in python (GitHub. Warning: messy code)
  • A game written in C++ (GitHub. Warning: messy code)
  • A group project to create an Android app for identifying vehicles in images
  • A simple compiler in Haskell for the language Mini-triangle

Gaming Communities

I've contributed to a few different gaming communities for different multiplayer games.
My most recent gaming community related contributions can be found in my GitHub organisation for CityMayhem.

Some of the activities I've been involved in are:

  • Managing Linux servers
  • Maintaining and extending CMS's like Drupal and MyBB using PHP
  • Holding team meetings
  • Running community events
  • Managing a small development team
  • Developing bespoke systems involving communication between game servers, web servers and databases
  • Using third-party APIs such as the PayPal API and Steam Web API
  • Responding to live issues and security breaches, then evaluating the impact